Complex Networks 2020 Awards

Best Oral Presentations

The Oral Presentation Awards have been assigned to:

  • Gabriele Pisciotta for the contribution "Sockpuppet Detection: a Telegram case study" by Gabriele Pisciotta, Miriana Somenzi, Elisa Barisani and Giulio Rossetti;
  • Stephany Rajeh for the contribution "Assessing the Relationship Between Centrality and Hierarchy Measures in Complex Networks" by Stephany Rajeh, Marinette Savonnet, Eric Leclercq and Hocine Cherifi.

Best Lightning Presentations

The Lightning Presentation Awards have been assigned to:

  • Tobias Reisch for the contribution "Behavioral gender differences are reinforced during the COVID-19 crisis" by Tobias Reisch, Georg Heiler, Jan Hurt, Peter Klimek and Stefan Thurner;
  • Egemen Sert for the contribution "Segregation dynamics with reinforcement learning and agent based modeling" by Egemen Sert, Alfredo Morales and Yaneer Bar-Yam;
  • Bojan Evkoski for the contribution "Evolution of Political Polarization on Twitter" by Bojan Evkoski, Igor Mozetič, Nikola Ljubešić and Petra Kralj Novak

Best Poster Presentations

The Poster Presentation Awards have been assigned to:

  • Leticia Pérez-Sienes for the contribution "Dynamical patterns of user activity during electoral campaigns and debates in Twitter" by Leticia Pérez-Sienes, Julia Atienza-Barthelemy, Samuel Martín-Gutiérrez, Juan Carlos Losada and Rosa María Benito;
  • Diego Ortega for the contribution "Urban gentrification as an avalanche process" by Diego Ortega, Javier Rodrıguez-Laguna and Elka Korutcheva.